Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Happy birthday, Mr Resident"

By now Harper will have finished dining with Cheney in Washington and in a few hours he will be meeting with Bush on the occasion of the Resident's 60th birthday.

Hmm...what to give the guy who has everything?

We've already given him our troops for his "war on terror", our energy security in NAFTA, our unquestioning support at the UN, and $1-billion worth of illegal lumber tariffs.

Now what else would he like?

According to CBC, Harper finally settled on symbolic gifts - "an RCMP Stetson was chosen as a symbol of Canada's history of policing and security, and a Calgary brass belt buckle in recognition of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington". You know, the "festival" in which Alberta "culture" is represented by the tar sands and a monster truck.

That is some serious sucking-up symbolism there, Harper.
And presumably your damp handshake will be symbolic of your readiness to hand over our water.

By comparison, in 2003, following his decision not to 'sign on' to the US war on Iraq, Jean Chr├ętien presented Bush with a wooden pen rest, estimated to be worth approximately $20. Heh.


scout said...

i'm surprised harper didn't give him alberta.

Dave said...

When in doubt, buy Georgie a stetson. The guy must have a lot of hats by now.

Scout: If he had given away Alberta, there wouldn't be many people left in Canada to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Now that the boys are finally wearing some mature suits, you have to make them wear the assclown hats. I wouldn't give the jerk anything more than a toy Alberta monster truck (suits his arrested IQ) and a bag of pretzels of course.

RossK said...

Ya, but.....

Can Little Stephen sing that birthday song just like Marilyn Munroe?


scout said...

dave....that was my wishful thinking :)

hang on gazeteer......let's listen in:
'happy birthday (very breathy) mr. preaaaaaasaaaaadaaaant, haaahhhhppy .....'
yup, looks like he just needs the right dress.

oh no, don't force me into something else!!!!

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