Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Zoe takes a taxi to Syria

"Extraordinarily quickly" is Steve Harper's assessment of his government's ability to evacuate exactly none of the 30,000 to 50,000 Canadians stranded in Lebanon thus far.

"We have shown a great deal of movement," stated the hapless Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay.

From CBC : "Israel has offered to get Canadians out of Lebanon, but transportation within the country is very difficult because of the bombing."

That would be Israel doing the bombing here.

Additionally, according to Canadian Press, "Israel's ambassador Alan Baker suggested Tuesday that Hezbollah, the militant Islamic group that controls much of southern Lebanon, might deliberately target Canadian refugees in order to provoke an international incident."

But Ottawa native Zoe Horn, 23, stuck in Beirut and discouraged at having heard nothing from the Canadian embassy after four days, joined an overnight truck convoy over the mountains into Syria and on to Jordan.

From Canadian Press again : "The major highways had all been targeted by Israel, she said.
After crossing the border into Syria, Horn said they could relax as the last leg of the 22-hour drive took them through that country and into Jordan."

Syria as a safe haven for a stranded Canadian student who was fed up with being rescued "extraordinarily quickly". Heh.


Anonymous said...

But, Alison, Steve is in France. He can't be expected to micro-manage everything when he's all the way over in France. This is going to play as Mackay's fault.

And given the excellent US response to Katrina, the answer to any inquiry will be calls for closer ties to US emergency response management.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Mackay that befuddled since Belinda left him in a potato field with dad. Steve is starting to really annoy me, everyday. There is no humanity in the mid east again. Give back my 2 soldiers or we'll bomb your country back 2000 years. Punishment has to be biblical in proportion, crazy bastards. I hope Zoe gets out of Syria before they become the next target.

snickertybiggetz said...

Steve is going to fly 100 stranded back in his personal jet. Very clever little image stunt. In similar spirit, Stockwell Day will double one person back on his jet ski.

scout said...

mackay saying things are moving ....we didn't want to hear about his bowels.

super hero steve should be in cyprus soon , that should put some skid marks on his stanfielDs. awfully scatalogial today! THAT'S CAUSE IT'S ALL SHIT!

as always, love your snide comments.

can ya do the pop up comment thing so we can look at your post while commenting???? or do i have to develop a memory?

Alison said...

To be fair and consequently no fun about it, if Steve hadn't offered up space in his jet, we all would have creamed him for it. Still, it's rather telling his photographer will be making the trip with them, in classic photo-op rescue style.
Cue music from Shindler's List here..."but if only I had dumped my photographer on to a commercial flight, there would have been room for one more.."

Hey Air Canada, Canadian taxpayers subsidized your various sorry ass bankruptcies for years. How about you guys doing yourselves a PR favour and lending a hand here?

And Steve. You are now in control of a fabulous government surplus, courtesy of Paul Martin. It's our money. How about using it to rustle up something more efficient in the way of rescue operations.

Scout: After you open the comments box to make your comment, click on "Show Original Post" and it will magically apppear. Ditto "Show Comments".

Anonymous said...

He is making room on the airbus for not just his photographer, Alison, but also three media consultants.

Unknown said...

As someone said on a forum I'm on, the other day, they wondered if Stevie would show up in Cyprus wearing a flight suit and beaming, "Mission Accomplished."

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