Sunday, August 13, 2006

Carp diem

From the Globe&Mail : "New rules at airports could be here to stay.
Recent crackdown on carry-on luggage could get even tougher, officials say"

"In Halifax, passengers are even being told that fresh fish must be placed in their checked luggage."

Must ? That's asking a lot, isn't it?
What if you don't happen to have a fish on you at the time?

You can see their logic here though, can't you?
One passenger might have a fish in her purse; another might have chips...


Anonymous said...

Love the pun...carp-carpe! Clever girl, but you know there will be lots of vinegar with those fish 'n chips and if the terrorists are carrying baking's holy science class batman at 20,000 feet.

Dave said...

Oh come on! You absolutely KNOW that a maritimer always has a fresh fish to toss into the underwear bag. (Well at least all the maritimers I know do.)

What about live lobster??? Did they say anything about live lobster? Do you have to buy a separate seat for them?

Alison said...

Q : Carp carpe is the more elegant pun but it just didn't scan.
Re the English contribution to international cuisine - served not only with lots of vinegar but also CATSAP, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Personnel.

Dave : I've never yet seen a lobster on a plane - I'm guessing they have their own airline.

scout said...

alison, i ALWAYS see you walking about with a few salmon rushdees under your arms. don't tell me you wouldn't try bringing that on the plane. sheesh!

Rev.Paperboy said...

At last a plan by our federal government to prop up the long-suffering Atlantic fishing industry. Tunderin' Jaysus byes, a cod in every suitcase, it is! We'll all be back on the Grand Banks in no time at all.

Dave said...

Ah... lobster on a plane. I HAVE seen them. In fact, I carried a some. Unfortunately, one of my crew, while we were flying from Halifax to Victoria thought he would check on the condition of his "live" lobsters and broke the seal on the box.

They escaped.

The ensuing pandemonium was worth the price of admission. And, although I had not thought of this 'til now, it might make a good movie.

Lobsters On A Plane.

Saskboy said...

SOAP - Seafood On A Plane
- Starring Captain Highliner as "The Captain"

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