Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The "Made-in-Canada alternative"

to anything resembling actual scientific data.

The Government of Canada Climate Change site is currently unavailable.
Please visit the following alternative sites for valuable tips on the summer maintenance of your car and when the snow goose hunt begins.

Right. Let's try Environment Canada's Green Lane link to Canadian Environment Awards 2006 :
"Today is a good day to be a Canadian. Each spring, as we put the final touches on the Canadian Environment Awards (CEA) publication, our staff feels suitably proud of our country..."

Ok, stop. Shut up. We'll take it from here.
An Environment Award to Scouts Canada, in part from Shell Canada which owns 60 % of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, to "foster climate-change awareness among Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers across the country" and "timed to coincide with the federal government's One-Tonne Challenge".


All together now : The-cub-gives-in-to-the-old-wolf-the-cub-does-not-give-in-to-himself-dib-dib-dib.
Now about those valuable tips on the summer maintenance of your car...


Anonymous said...

If you had bothered to read more carefully you would have noticed this disclaimer from Environment Canada :

Links to Web Sites not under the control of Environment Canada (EC) are provided solely for the convenience of users. Environment Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or the reliability of the content. Environment Canada does not offer any guarantee in that regard and is not responsible for the information found through these links, nor does it endorse the sites and their content.

Won ton was just one big waste of money anyway.

Alison said...

You really are an idiot, aren't you, anonymous?

1) That the Tories took down years of scientific data on *global warming*, referred to said data as "climate change", and then replaced it with links to alternative websites that they can't even vouch for is not any kind of defense at all.
2) The relative merits of "won ton" are irrelevant here.
Linking to a site which happily extolls the virtues of another environmental program that you have just axed is ridiculous.

You get 1/2 point for "won ton", although given your opinion of it, "wanton" would have been wittier.

Dave said...

The global warming site seems to be just the first. I have noticed all other government websites are becoming Harper grandstand opportunities.

By the way... it sure read like an Akela wrote that post :)

Dave said...

No surprise to me about the axing of all things climate change. I still find the main GoC website to be the most disgusting. It's just a platform for Harper and his Tory cronies, just as all Government of Ontario advertisements and publications were for good ol' Mike Harris. Great post btw.

scout said...

let's not forget that Brownies is a secret drug cult that worships a giant shroom (the name brownie is a dead give away itself), and is led by a human known as Brown Owl (best check the terrorist list as it's not White Owl).

Perhaps once Mr. Harper gets over pat robertson 'converting' to global warming he'll have second thoughts...no wait, he has to see if bush converts. meantime , all this shit you kindly posted, and a few weeks ago rona ambthorn announced grants for 'liveable communities' that include pollution reduction

it's like they're saying, 'we hate the environment, we love the environment'. which is it, steve???

scout's tips for summer car upkeep: make sure your antifreeze is for HOT weather. you can pay a dollar or so more and get a less harmful kind from canadian tire and other outlets. if you have it done at a shop they have proper disposal, if you change to summer anti-freeze yourself make sure you drain properly and dispose of properly....don't leave open anti freeze around (too many pets, especially cats die as it's a sweet taste that attracts).

get a tune up and oil change always! inflate your tires to the highest recommended psi, you'll get better gas mileage. stay within psi guidelines for your tires....overfilling can cause probs in the summer because of hot air expanding. if you're highway driving do 90-95 kph for better milage.

air conditioning on only if you have to.....it certainly uses more gas. and none of this air conditioning PLUS open windows bit. nuh-uh! if you drive a pre 1994 car with a/c, get it retrofitted or don't use the a/c....these older ones use freon.

windshield wash....make your own, you don't need the stuff with anti-freeze for the summer. fill with water and add a few drops of castille or antoher bio-degradbale soap. easy as pie. carry extra water in trunk in case of overheating. (if it does do not open the rad cap!!!! let it cool).

make sure your air filter is clean or new.

watch needless idling (except if elderly or have a medical condition). turn off engine in those long line ups. carry lots of water or cool drinks, lots of places have those car battery operated coolers , the price has come way down, to keep drinks cold. get one of those reflectant pads for the top of the dash if yours is black or a gloss finish.

when parking car put on one of those windshield blankets to keep sun out. tinted window do help and you can buy rolls for do it youself or get it done at a shop.

finally, accept that it's summer and hot and that mr. harper is an arse, and i can't guarantee anything i wrote so blame harper.

Anonymous said...

Good post Alison. What time do you open scout? My engine service light is on again.

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