Thursday, August 24, 2006

This week in terrorism

What on earth did we used to talk about before?
Cerberus has the links.

But after all the finger-pointing, and blaming, and spineless acceptance of resignations, and before the outing of Jason Kenney and Stockwell Day's own tangential connections to terrorist groups disappears down the memory hole forever, I did want to make just this one observation.

Harper and his press secretary Jason Kenney compared Hezbollah to Nazis.
Mr. Kenney : ''The world was wrong to negotiate with that party then and it would be wrong to negotiate with Hezbollah today .."

Really? Presumably this is part of that annoying "appeasement" meme so popular with Tories lately.

Pay attention, Jason.
You could have read the following in any high school history text, but evidently you didn't.

In 1941, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, the future Israeli prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, approached the Nazis to negotiate the establishment of a Jewish state in return for taking an active part in the war against the British on Germany's side. They turned him down. Shamir wanted the British out of Palestine, and as a leader of Lehi, a group which openly declared itself to be terrorist, Shamir was responsible for the 1944 assassination of Britain's minister of state for the Middle East, the 1948 assassination of the UN representative in the Middle East, and an assassination attempt against the British High Commissioner of Palestine.

Forty years later Shamir was Prime Minister of Israel, with a second term as PM from 1986 to 1992.
Presumably he spent at least some of that time making up his own list of who was a terrorist and who it would be wrong to negotiate with.

You see, Jason, some terrorists go on to lead really successful lives as the prime ministers of countries we are currently siding with against whoever the hell are deemed to be the terrorists now.


Q said...

Reality rears the historical mirror. Excellent reminder in the crazed mire of terror talk. We certainly all wear the hereditary blue dress of hypocrisy and evil toward our fellow man. Except Q, we can't find a blue dress small enough to fit her but she's led an exemplary life for a cat.

Mike said...

Nice one Alison. JK is learning quick what karma means...

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