Saturday, August 26, 2006

REAL Chicks For Colonel Sanders

"REAL Women of Canada", in yet another of their forays into "Chicks For Colonel Sanders" realpolitik, is campaigning for the elimination of "Status of Women Canada".
Heather Mallick wrote a great column about this back in June.

Anti-choice, anti-same sex marriage, hell -- anti-anything-since-June-Cleaver, REAL Women of Canada don't much care for feminism.
Evidently an "objective of promoting equality" and a "Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage and family life" is all you REALLY need if you're a working Canadian woman making 75% of what a man with the same qualifications makes in the same job.

Dear REAL Women : How much clout do you think your little club would have in a world without feminism, given that even if you're a REAL good little chicken, Colonel Sanders can't marry each and every one of you?

Oh and thanks for your help back in April in selling Harper's daycare plan-that-isn't-a-plan to Canadians.
Here's a much better one.


scout said...

maybe we should just play along, take things a step further and rescind the vote for women. i'll become a charmaid, you can work 14 hours/day in a factory, and we'll meet at fagans for supper and plan how to pick their pockets.

bastards! er, i mean, bitches!

Anonymous said...

Sow gets 23 million a year in federal funding and doles out less than 2 million.Money is not going to the clientele of the womens groups,our tax dollars are used to pay the administrators of these groups.Professional feminists are slick con artists taking advantage of every scam they can.Time to scrap SOW funding!

Dave said...

Calling it SOW when the proper acronym is SWC (of never translates into acronyms except in rare circumstances where it is lower case) really shows what you think of women there anon. Nice to know that with your strawman arguments (um source for your claims?) comes a nice condescending mysoginistic attitude.

Great post Alison.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Alison, the REALchicks (gotta TM that one, girlfriend!)have been after the government to shut down SWC for seven years now.

Perhaps the most amusing argument they make against SWC on their website is that in funding 524 shelters across Canada for battered and abused women, SWC unfairly discriminates against battered men. LOL! I'm sure there are abused men out there but really...

That's 524 shelters, anon.
Btw, don't you feel silly posting this bullshit statistic on every website you can find, only to have it thoroughly discredited moments later every single time?

Anonymous said...

Gwen Landolt doesn't have the sense God gave to bathmats.

RossK said...

I must say, it is always unpleasant to find astroturf stuck to one's shoes due to Goddess knows what.

The thing is do we just pull it off, expose it for what it truly is, and then throw it in the dustbin where it belongs....


Should we wave it and wave it and wave it so that thinking Canadians can see what these folks and their enablers would really have us become?


Alison said...

Ross : Definitely wave and wave and wave.

Landolt is not just some lone American fruitcake like Coulter who should be ignored. Landolt founded the Right to Life movement in Canada in 1971, amd along with McVety, she has real creds inside this government, plus a formidable turfing base.

Quotes from a lecture reported by LifeSite : "Militant secular humanists are now using homosexuals and homosexuality to demolish Christianity once and for all."

"Homosexuals are the front, the advance guard of humanism, secularism, materialism."

"...homosexuals (activists) are very closely involved in the abortion battle as well because they know it's deteriorating and breaking down the structure of society."

"The only answer to AIDS is abstinence."

Because her world view plays so handily into the fears of the simple-minded, I think it needs refuting.

Anonymous said...

Why are you intolerant to another women's point of view? We can live together, as we have been. I just object to my tax money being used to support something I do not believe in. Status of Women should raise money thtough their supporters just as REAL Women does, then we will all be equally represented. We can live together in peace and harmony.

Havril said...

Chickens, SOWs, strawmen. Fruitcake. I see a decidedly rural agenda emerging. Or am I reading too much into this?

Alison said...

You're not kidding here, are you Diane?
SWC is a government agency; REAL Women is an advocacy group.

As big a fan as I am of getting things done via bake sales, I'm not convinced it is the best way to fund government agencies and policy.

Let's try another example.
According to your system of representation, if a pornography advocacy group sold the most apple pies and raised the most money, they would be entitled to the biggest lobbying voice at the Department of Justice.
I'm guessing this would not be ok with you.

I'm also guessing this reference to bake sales has sent Havril full tinfoil jacket.

Q said...

I agree with Dianne. I don't want my tax money being used to support something I don't believe in, like a Catholic school board in a multicultural society. And if you disagree, you're intolerant. grrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

*applause* thanks for posting that link to Heather Mallick's article -- beautiful.

to Dianne: I object my tax money being used to support the war in afghanistan, and I daresay the war is getting a lot more than SWC gets. That's democracy, babe. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

You know the REAL reason why REALchicks is pissed with SWC?
REALchicks got their own government funding cut off.

Why was it cut off?
They weren't fulfilling their mandate of "promoting equality".

Who cut it off?

Ever since then they've been against gov funding.

BTW, we're all agreed on their new name, right?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love lifesite, a source of valuable information (tongue firmly planted in cheek). It's so American right wing, one would think it's American, but it's Canadian, ugh. First I heard of homosexuals being linked with abortionists. I'd like to see the proof of this link. Is Landolt behind Lifesite? I cannot read anything from lifesite without succumbing to high blood pressure and absolute astonishment at how blatantly dishonest and full of hatred (not to mention...stupid) these people are. They are absolutely obsessed with gay people and abortion. Time to get a life. Diane, how does it feel to have intolerance put back in your lap where it belongs? Feels real good doesn't it. As the old cliche goes, you sure can dish it out lady, but you can't take any of the bad karma you put out.

Anonymous said...

kpqwThis was posted to dianne wood's blog but she has editorial control over what is posted. so we hope that she will do the mature thing and allow it. especially since she says "Why are you intolerant to another women's point of view?"...

excuse me? do you actually believe that your brain power is not as advanced as a man's? are you content with staying at home and not making a difference in the world? Status of Women Canada advocates for what should be your basic rights yat so often we get taken advantege of because we simply are women. you seem to be lucky and have a husband that enabels you to stay home with your children and provide you and your children with ample support. if only all women were as lucky.however they are not. there are some that have no choice but to work and they do work just to put dinner on the table for their children. the problem is that the do not get the same pay as men do yet work the same jobs if not harder ones and get less pay.
as if that is not bad enough they cant even get child care for their children when they are forced into working low paying jobs. Steven Harper made sure of that when he cancled the programe that women have worked two decades to implement. now we have a lovey new system that works out to providing 80 dollars a month which is barely enough for two kids to go to daycare for one day let alone a month. so now we have mothers driving their kids to work and turning the car into the daycare.
you say that Canadians prefer parent care to daycare and you are absolutly right! yet some mothers do not have the luxury or choice. you see because they also prefer working to buy food and shelter to living with their children under a bridge and starving.
so i hope that you never find yourself in that postion yet if you do i also hope that you remeber that it is the Status of Women of Canada that will be advocating for you and all 8 for your children.
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