Saturday, August 12, 2006

Steve and Sandra - Defending the Arctic

Link and link.

Sunday update : Accidental Deliberations and Stephen Lewis as quoted in The Toronto Star also note this poor decision.


Anonymous said...

"Alert on Sunday"

That's very good.

Q said...

People are going to talk about all the time they spend together. Cats and humans are on alert that I'm working on a page :)

Dave said...

He can come to Yellowknife and Whitehorse all he wants, but no one up here will vote for him.

Honestly though, isn't the GG supposed to do the military thing? Why is he pretending to be Commander in Chief?

Alison said...

Tim: Thanks. You read that too?
Got anything more on it? I can't find a reputable source.
Email me.

Q: Ready for a grand opening? Can I post balloons and champers up here yet?

Dave: I'll assume that's rhetorical.

Dave said...


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