Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Steve and Sandra do the laundry

CathiefromCanada has the links. Some more thoughts from POGGE.
And Accidental Deliberations has been on this since the beginning.

Update : Today's Toronto Star manages a muted reference to the slush fund. And that's it from the print media.

Meanwhile here's David Emerson, pretending to miss the point entirely :
"International Trade Minister David Emerson said Thursday that threats to vote against softwood lumber legislation show the Opposition parties are anti-American.
"I know that both the NDP and the Liberals are staunchly anti-American in their inner core," Emerson told The Canadian Press in an interview Thursday."

What a dick.


Anonymous said...

For once I agree with you about something. Nice toon. Think the Libs can dance to it?

Sept1 is the deadline so this story only has two more days to go mainstream. If it doesn't, the Libs won't feel any public pressure to stand up to it.
I'm not hopeful.

I like this Steve and Sandra thing you do, btw.

Chris said...

Jeezus...thanks for posting this Alison. This is insane.

Bazz said...

Ok, can we have somebody else run the country now? Please?

Q said...

Doing the laundry, heh heh heh. And one more heh interjected. Well they haven't laundered our cash yet...These two characters remind me of Uncle Duke and Honey Huan.

RossK said...

Hey Q, wait just a second there.....Uncle Duke t'aint never t'was no Harpoon.

scout said...

makes me think of what muni hall would be like if 'the blogging mayor' had gotten in.

Bazz said...

Wait, isn't David Emerson a member of the Canadian government? Now I'm all confused...

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