Saturday, February 24, 2007

Canada's own Frank Carlucci

Tom D'Aquino, chief of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, was on CBC's The House this morning defending yesterday's Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Ottawa yesterday. See post below.

He both began and ended his interview with a reference to 9/11.
A bit puzzling to Canadians till you remember Frank Luntz' advice : Always open and close every speech with the words "9/11".
In between, Tom touted the SPP as corporate Canada's intention to implement Kyoto and better labour standards. Bad bad lefties for doubting this.
Tom also denies that the North American Business Council has anything to do with the North American Union. (Note to Tom : Best get this off your website then.)
Also, it isn't so much that the SPP is secret - it's just that apparently the rest of us are too stupid to be bothered with.
Oh, and the North American Business Council? It's ok - they're just "business people".

See, that's the whole point, Tom. We didn't elect them.

Audio of Tom on CBC's The House - starts at 33:40.
h/t to Pete for Carlucci connection


West End Bob said...

Thanks for the CBC The House tip - I was not aware of this program. Now I will have to check it on a regular basis. We are fortunate in that our local NPR station here in Florida airs "As It Happens" with Carol Off and Barbara Budd each weekday evening. It gives us our daily dose of Canadian-oriented news.

As for your Frank Luntz reference - "drf" and I were commenting yesterday about how his influence on Republican pols here is apparently making it's influence on Tories in Canada. The man has a lot to feel guilty about IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alison
I just put a link to your site onto a comment at Daily Kos, because of your great coverage of this SPP issue -- a hundred Mexican trucking companies are now going to be traveling in the US. So you may be getting more traffic than you bargained for.
(PS, Alison, I am finding it almost impossible to leave a comment on your site!)

RossK said...


As Alison and I have discussed previously, Mr. Luntz came north to help fire up the whirlitzer at the outset.

Alison said...

CathiefromCanada :
Thank you kindly for the DKos link. I usually can't comment on your site either, plus a number of other sites. Wondering if this has something to do with our forced march to the new blogger.

Welcome, Kossacks.
Hope you follow some of the links below through to other Canadian blogs like Gazetteer and POGGE, who have been writing about the dangers of deep integration to both sides of the border for years.

More at Integrate This!

RossK said...

Hey A--

I dunno what to do.

It's me and Sandy B.

In the same place in cyberspace.

And, get this, it's.....

And just so you know, I will never, ever be able to influence my friends and/or my uncle again if I turn up in a future edition of the Steve & Sandra Toons.

Actually, now that I think about it, that would preferable, not mention way cooler, than being chucked back into the mighty Whirlitzer by Mr. Stephen Taylor.


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