Friday, February 09, 2007

John Baird - Pull my finger

because it's a far far better thing to light even one fart than to curse the darkness.
Waving that stubby little finger around, Environment Minister John Baird proclaimed yesterday that, in addition to not even trying to meet our Kyoto goals lest we wind up like Russia or something, we also wouldn't be going in for any funny business like implementing a carbon tax on industry or joining the international carbon trading market.
Huffing the high moral ground, Baird said buying credits in the international market would be a bad investment for Canada and that the government would rather spend the money at home. For Canadian families.
Actually there is a connection between not meeting our targets and not trading in emissions but John neglected to mention what that was and no one called him on it. Signatories to Kyoto who don't show any progress in attempting to meet their emissions targets by 2012 - and at this rate that would seem to be us - aren't allowed into the international emissions trading market anyway.


Anonymous said...

These Conservative fatheads appear to be under the impression that there's a piece of earth's atmosphere that is constantly in place over Canada and that's the only piece we need concern ourselves with.

RossK said...


Ya, well.... if you can no longer deny that the earth is flat or that anthropomorphic greenhouse gases are causing climate change, why not do a spectacularswandive into your own snark-infested potty pool and claim that the Annick Satellite can be reprogrammed* to ward off all outside smog while it simultaneously swirls our homegrown stuff straight down into that former pot-mineshaft on the outskirts of Flin-Flon Manitoba?

*after a Boeing-assisted 36.8 billion dollar retrofit (coupled with a mandatory Fortier-brokered 6.35 billon votebuy.....errrrr...side deal), of course.

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