Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My NewGov Fitness Technique is Unstoppable

"Active kids are unstoppable!" says the gnuest useless addition to the other totally useless gnugov pages.
Ottawonk figures it's a page designed by and for 3-years-olds, but I'm thinking you'd need to be at least 4 to crayon healthy parents Bob and Dave taking little Popeye and their groceries for a nice healthy walk.on the Physical Activity Colouring Page - oops, sorry, Coloring Page.
Personally, we at Creekside are pleased to see that the Getting Things Doners™ have finally recognized colouring as a valid physical fitness activity.
But wait! There's more!
Has someone you know you recently lost a loved one? Did you forget to send that special someone in your life a Valentine?
A click on a sidelink takes you to a choice of four gnugov Healthy Lunches e-greeting cards where you can even add a special message of your own. "Sorry your dog died - Eat more broccoli" is just one fine example of the kind of greeting your tax dollars could send to a loved one today.
And don't forget - if your kid colours outside the home, be sure to apply for that $500 per kid fitness tax credit. Bob and Dave, who may or may not be rich enough to afford to lay out $500 on little Popeye's fitness classes, would want you to have it.
Getting Things Doners™ - Mes Amis
With apologies to mnftiu-Get Your War On.
P.S. Is that girl skipping rope in the background really topless? See Ottawonk for details.
UPDATE ; Link to Public Health Agency of Canada fixed.


ottawonk said...

omg, our very own creekside label ... how awesome is that :)

Anonymous said...

Well at least there isn't a picture of Harper doing his chipmunk impression on the page header.
That is unless it's him on the left, that big pink sphere being attacked by a beaver.
Poor thing, it was probably consumed minutes after the picture was taken.
'Ach, ya big fuzzy mousie, get in mah belly.'

Strange the dropped 'u' in colour.
Is this a product of an American ad agency?
He seems does seem so enamoured with the latest American business model.
So much so, well, check out the corporate pirates looking after Canada's interests in the North American Competitiveness Council.

Two of them are Americans, why am I not surprized?

Is it just me or does it seem the Cons are drawing the country into a great dumbing down.
I suppose it's a necessary precondition before being able to accept their mean and narrow minded agenda.
They took the sum of all the southern redneck motivational speeches, git 'er dun, and put a veneer of respectable Canadian diction to it, Getting Things Done.
Now I'm just waiting for their third and final iteration.
Getting Things Dumb™

P.S. Hope Popeye grows a hand, Bob and Dave grow fingers, and little Skippy's tatas fill out soon.
Someone could lose an eye from those things.

Anonymous said...

Lego hands!

Alison said...

Ottawonk : Of course you'll notice that the label doesn't actually go anywhere...
No worries - I'm sure I'll be filling it up in no time. ;-)

Mes Amis : Getting Things Dumb!!!
At this rate you're going to need your own label too.

Re Americans on NACC.
Well natch, they come from the Canadian Council of Chief Executives who also boast American board members.
I really don't have a problem with Americans being on it - ok I do, but I recognize they are only there to further their own self-interests and they make no bones about it.
What I do have a problem with is the complicity of our elected officials downloading their responsibility for making public policy onto the very business groups whose own agenda precludes the public good.

There was an oil industry flack on CBC this morning inveighing against regulation. He explained that while possible gnugov regulation of the oil industry wouldn't hurt or help Canadian consumers re gas prices, it might impede the flow of oil to the US.
How refreshingly honest.
What I don't get is why Canadians vote for governments who hold the same opinion.

Anonymous said...

Just more of Harper maneouvering his minions and making policy changes the North American Union needs to succeed, all out of the eye of Canadians.
Why yes! that's the American spelling, and it's something you should get used to.
as in: Honorable Stephen Harper morphs into President of the Northern Sector of the North American Union. The Ameros from the North American Sector will have his face bashed errr stamped on them.
Ty Alison, great post

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