Friday, February 16, 2007

Have You No Decency Sir? Pop Quiz

From Canadian Press :
"For the first time in history we have a leader of the opposition who is soft on terrorism," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said during Question Period.

Who is Harper channeling here?

1) Is it this guy? or
2) This guy

Hint : More than one answer may be correct.


Anonymous said...

What? nothing about aiding and abetting the enemy?

Mike said...


Give him time, I'm sure when the next poll comes out showing a dead heat, that will be the next pronouncement.

Anonymous said...

I swear Harper and the boy warrior king have the same speech writers on retainer.

How much longer before you hear from the Consquirt chorus:
Yes Stevie, those dastardly Liberals hate Canada and are emboldering the terrists that hit us on 9/11.

Oh those getting things doners, always embellishing the narrative for fun and profit, if you know where I'm coming Frum.

West End Bob said...


Just discovered your blog through Declan @ Crawl Across the Ocean who I discovered through IP @ Idealistic Pragmatist.

So far I am really enjoying your posts, and look forward to going back through the archives.

My partner and I are in the process of immigrating to Vancouver from Florida - Check us out at Moving to Vancouver.

Looking forward to reading more of yours . . . . Cheers!

RossK said...

Clearly, we are all Spartacus now.


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I wonder if anyone has told Steve that George isn't all that popular any more? God, what a pitiful ploy.

If it works, I'm going to threaten to kill myself.

Alison said...

Err (Mooninite Err?) and Mike :
LOL. AlQaeda is hoping Dion will win the next election.

WEB : Check your email.

Crabgrass : Come on now, little doggie - there are many much better threats. But yeah, Steve's behavior does rather put to rest all those arguments about what a nimble strategist Steve is. How is he to achieve his promised closer ties to the US if he insists on alienating whoever will form the next US government?

RossK : Rousing campaign that, wasn't it? Never was a fan of Edwards, too white bread for me.

Mes Amis : "Getting things doners"
I am so stealing that...

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