Friday, September 14, 2007

Back from lolling about at the lake all summer,

Ottawonk weighs in on
The Cons' Veiled Threats Against Elections Canada Non-Controversy with:
....[obl rulz lol !!! :P]...

They also award their coveted second annual prize for Federal Public Service Excellence in the Field of Speaking Truth to Retardedness™ :
“So the will of this committee is not the will of Parliament?” Mr. Lukiwski asked.
“With all due respect, I cannot accept the position that a committee can adapt and amend an Act of Parliament,” Mr. Mayrand answered.
You're not bored with laughing at this four party lunacy yet, are you?
Because CBCTV National News was still going on about it last night.
Sadly however they lack the editorial adroitness of Canadian Cynic.

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