Saturday, September 08, 2007

Steve, talkin' trash

Impolitical asks : Why do Conservatives think it's OK to trash Canada's reputation while abroad?

Steve at APEC, 2007 : "Ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude by noting that one of the top priorities of our new government has been to restore Canada’s stature and influence on the world stage."

Well, Impolitical, it's actually sort of a timeless Con tradition :

Steve to US Council for National Policy, 1997 : "Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it."

Plus ├ža friggin' change...


West End Bob said...

Yeah, what's with him and his "new government" (gawd, how tiring that terminology is getting!) blaming the Libs for everything?

He and his loser-crowd are running the show now. Start running it and "quit 'yer bitchin'" . . . .

Dave said...

It is the way of Conservative governments to blame the previous government for everything. Mulroney did it too.

The important point made here though, is that Steve clearly knows he occupies a minority position among Canadians and wants to change the direction of the country regardless.

Basically, Harper hates average Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Harper was in MONTREAL when he gave that speech, not abroad, and it has been explained over and over to you leftards that it was a joke.

Anonymous said...

yep, he's a real puzzler, that trash talkin' PM we have...he can't seem to help himself

constant stream of material for the blog, not so good for how we're portrayed around the world

Q said...

The trash talk is clearly intended to excite Laureen in the bedroom...sorry...right wing sex... yuck!

Just a joke anon.

Alison said...

Anon : You are quite right _ Harper was speaking as VP of the National Nutbar Citizens' Coalition in Montreal.
And that changes the tenor of his remarks how exactly?
I'll go so far as to agree that NCC and almost everything Harper says is a joke. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

it was a comedy fest, right...and he models himself on rodney dangerfield.

alison, i've tried and tried posting those sites i have for you on the post but wordpress must be taking sunday off. so:

MgS said...

Anon writes:

it has been explained over and over to you leftards that it was a joke.

The only joke was the man giving the speech...and he is now busy humiliating Canada every time he opens his yap on the world stage.

Alison said...

Thanks, Scoutie, much obliged.
Can't blog this - not sufficiently informed - slowly getting there.
The Lakota not endorsing the UN Indigenous Rights Resolution because they weren't included in drafting the final as a sovereign nation does make sense - too bad it didn't get more publicity.

Grog : Harper likes to make his major policy announcements from the safety of foreign countries, doesn't he?

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