Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Raising Canada's leadership role, once again, in the UN"

Well, Canada's status as a rogue nation anyway, courtesy of the Cons.

Macleans :
"The United Nations is set to adopt a new Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People despite what critics say was aggressive opposition from Canada.
Supporters say the declaration is a long overdue step toward limiting the abuse and murder of indigenous peoples around the world.
Observers close to the process say Canada supported the declaration until soon after the Conservatives took power.
They say the new government aligned itself with the U.S., Russia and Colombia in a well-financed bid to derail the declaration.
The Conservatives say the document could undermine Canada's Constitution and harm existing land deals.
Supporters say Canada's position makes no legal sense because the declaration is non-binding and would not override Canadian law."

We can put that one with the other UN resolutions Canada has seen fit to obstruct or abstain from or vote against since the Cons took power :
~ Kyoto Accord
~ The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination
~ That Israel be urged to join a nuclear non-proliferation treaty
~ Humanitarian aid to Palestinian women
~ Moratorium on bottom trawling the ocean floor
~ The Right To Food - Sept 16, 2006

The last one is especially galling in light of the fact that two days later on Sept 18 2006 Harper boasted the Cons were "certainly raising Canada's leadership role, once again, in the United Nations and in the world community."

Of couse he was talking about war at the time.


Anonymous said...

Also,least we forgot the UN declaration on the rights of the disAbled.

Alison said...

Dirk, I think that's one we *did* sign.

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