Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Harper plans to recall Parliament on Oct 16

Hell, I can recall Parliament right now - it's that Gothic Revival building down in Ottawa where politicians spout inanities and bullshit, often in the same sentence :

In explaining why he prorogued Parliament, Harper said he was "pleased to report that Canada is united, our government is clean and our economy is strong. Now it’s time to launch the next phase of our mandate."

Evidently we've moved on to Getting Things More Doner...


West End Bob said...

So, what's your take on this move, Alison?

stevie thinks he can force an election in which the tories gain a - horrors!!! - majority government?

And, if an election is forced, what are the results looking like at this point?

Dave said...

he was "pleased to report that Canada is united, our government is clean and our economy is strong. Now it’s time to launch the next phase of our mandate."

Here, I thought you were employing your usual snark... then I read the link.

Now my head is going to explode.

Dave said...

W.E.B. actually, little Stevie is deathly afraid of going back to Parliament right now. The summer did not go well for him and there is that pesky Question Period.

He's hoping to drift through, do nothing, and pray that inaction will lull Canadian voters into believing he's harmless. The Throne Speech in October will be unmitigated bullshit. The writers will be attempting to create "damned if you; damned if you don't" conditions in an attempt to portray the opposition as bad people.

Stevie's big fear? Another minority government. If that happens the Conservatives will dump him so hard that his future on Parliament Hill will be restrict to a position behind the lawnmower on a hot summer day.

West End Bob said...

Dave, thanks for the "Inside Story" on Canadian politics for us.

"drf" and I are still trying to learn the process up there. After 50 + years of living in the US system, we've finally got it down.

Now that we have, we're "Outa Here . . . . "

Anonymous said...

I dunno if they will actually boot Harper out with another minority government. After all, who could they replace him with? The stable doesn't look all that good.

Prentice is one of the more presentable ones, but the rabid rightwingers wouldn't like him.

Clayton Ford said...

I must say that because Harper appeared so frustrated with the last session of parliament that he has decided to go all out in an effort to gain a majority. You see, the Liberals can be an unrelenting, clever, and exasperating opposition. IMHO, Harper believes that with a clear mandate concerning Afghanistan among other things, he will clinch the popular support neccessary to clinch the majority he so desires.

RossK said...


Right from the beginning, I knew it.


Oh, wait a minute, he said 'clean' not 'clear'.

Never mind.

Hey - maybe he's trying to channel Eugene McCarthy.....what a frame-up that would be, huh.


Alison said...

Ford : LOL - that's quite a bit of clinching.

Dave : Wouldn't put da quotes on if he hadn't said it.
OK, once I put quotes on him blaming someone for the next 13 years of Lib misrule but that's it.

Ross : Way to ruin a perfectly good Leonard Cohen song there, buddy. "Did you ever go clean?"

WEB : I think he's banking on there being no election challenge - no majority, why bother? - but I'm just guessing.

Holly : I wonder if Steve's winger base with no one else to vote for might just not vote at all.
I have a bit of a soft spot for Prentice too. Very principalled stand he took on abortion and SSM - voting against his party couldn't have been easy and he seemed quite willing to lose his seat over it.

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