Saturday, September 01, 2007

Poem for Iggy

The puffin is a noble bird
It buries its own crap
Its favorite mode of landing
Is arse-over-teakettle asap.

Unlike those dodgy penguins
With their "family values" rap,
A puffin lays an egg just once a year -
Which is a lot less often than a certain aspiring Liberal Party leader chap.

Link : Excrement-hiding bird championed as Liberal symbol
But for the record? I think Ignatieff was just goofing around.

LOL !! : See Mes Amis' poem in the comments


Anonymous said...

That's really horrible, Alison,:)

Q said...

I dunno about Iggy, first that cryptic apologetik in the NYT, now the anal retentive puffin?

Anonymous said...

Fine poetry! :)

My Blahg makes another good point:

Alison said...

Chris : Yeah, I pooched the meter in that last line. Should have been : Which when you think about it is a lot less often than a certain aspiring Liberal Party leader chap.

Q : The Conservaliberal gait

Holly : I do appreciate how you connect us all up as you do your rounds - Frank Frink does it too - it's very generous.

Anonymous said...

Alison, you've inspired me.
So I blame you for the following:

For those that like the puffin
Dip, Liberal or BT.
Might see a little puffin
Solving problems that there be.

And if you like that puffin
Best hide that shit you see.
Cause if you do that puffin,
Can bring R. C. M. P.

What's it like that puffin?
It really is my point.
I could like some puffin
If you ever pass that joint!

So that's a little puffin.
Ain't Mother Nature kind.
Harper could use some puffin
To straighten out his mind.

The Commons all a puffin
My, what laws would pass.
But till they get to puffin,
The law, it stays an ass.

Give Baird a bong for puffin
Might calm him down I say.
If Stockwell tried the puffin
The change be night and Day.

So careful with that puffin
It's fun or so I've heard.
What's this, you mean a puffin
Can also be a bird?

Now which kind of puffin was Iggy referring to again?
Can I has remember?

Anonymous said...

mes amis: lol.

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