Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ceiling Cat crates teh Univerz an teh Urff

and den rites Teh Buk aboudit :
Leviticats :
Teh Ceiling Cat saiz to Mozes, "O hai! Outta ur tabby-nackels, d00dthx.2
U should go saiz this to Izrulites, for to IM me, Hey Ceiling Cat, I can has stuff :) and liek that, they gotta bring me teh cheezeburgers or other good stuff for impruvin teh conneckshun winkwink."
But if U wana bring teh donutz or teh ExBockzs, thatz kewl too, but don U be bringin me no trash, Ceiling Cat will run out of happy and kiil ur d00dz.

LOLCat Bible Translation Project


Q said...

Pruf fur teh existenze of Ceiling Cat: I can has concept of cat dat nuns grater can be kunceived!

k I finish prufs later kthxbai

St.Anselm's Cat

Anonymous said...

k but cans Ceiling Cat lift up anozzer Ceiling Cat bigger dan hisself?
How bout 2 Ceiling Catz same timez?
I kan has prufs2 :

Anselmo's Firecat

Anonymous said...

Now Problum of Neuteronomy twice as big!!!!!
Ceiling Cat hatez - DO NOT WANT!!!
smotez srsly

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