Monday, August 17, 2009

Swooshy new Olympic hockey jerseys

The new Olympic hockey jerseys for the 2010 Five Ring Circus, featuring a nearly invisible "aboriginal design in the centre of the Maple Leaf ".
The International Olympic Committee objected to the old jersey design because it carried the Hockey Canada logo and the "IOC has banned national sports federations from carrying their logos on athlete uniforms".
Quite right too. The Olympics is all about amateur sport, not a venue for promoting professional sports branding.
I must say the Nike swoosh shows up very nicely though.
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West End Bob said...

Thank you for clarifying the IOC's complaint about the former uniform.

It makes perfect sense now.

Five Ring Circus, indeed . . . .

Anonymous said...

oh brother! and what makes me really sick is the squamish and lilloet nation's involvement .....they've got 'apple' councils making money grabs all over. while some SN people argue the olympits will give their youth exposure in sports they don't seem to realize the outfall for themselves.

now if they were to enter athletic events as THE SQUAMISH NATION and have the olympics recognize them as a sovereign nation, that would be different.

meantime the new jerseys will probably go on sale at their cultural center, all because of a faint FN logo.

it's just plain wrong all around.

Alison said...

"now if they were to enter athletic events as THE SQUAMISH NATION"
Interesting idea.

Has the Sea-to-Sky Hwy been renamed the Harriet Nahanee Highway yet? No?

Anonymous said...

Granatstein at The Sun says the new jerseys are too Native:
"It's time we stopped portraying Canada with such a heavy emphasis on our Native roots."


UU4077 said...

Made in Canada?

Alison said...

Tim : "Is this [FN motif] really the right choice to put on the chests of our multimillion-dollar athletes?"

Yeah, read it, decided not to help The Sun out with their hits. Doug Christie used to serve the same purpose for the North Shore News. They pull this shit because the outrage it generates is good for their circulation. Let's just quietly hope they get an aneurysm.

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