Friday, May 14, 2010

Fetus Festivus on Parliament Hill

21 Canadian MP's await their turn to address the crowd at this year's annual Fetus Festivus yesterday on Parliament Hill :
Rod Bruinooge, Chairman of the Pro-Life Parliamentary Caucus, Harold Albrecht, David Anderson, Leon Benoit, Kelly Block, Royal Galipeau, Dean Del Mastro, Ed Komarniki, Guy Lauzon, Pierre Lemieux, Gurbax Singh Malhi, Phil McColeman, Dan McTeague, Lavar Payne, Paul Szabo, Brad Trost, Tim Uppal, Maurice Vellacott, Mark Warawa, Jeff Watson, and Stephen Woodworth.
Bruinooge says this represents only part of their 30-40 member anti-abortion Parliamentary Caucus which is pretty much still stuck at the loose tea stage and does not include any Bloc or NDP members.
Invited leaders of American fetus fetishist sects praised their junior Canadian counterparts, Catholic high school children were specially bussed in for the occasion, and the Supreme Grand Knights and Primates sported swords and ostrich feather hats.
Best "When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbour" moment in a speech?
Bishop Nicola de Angelis of Peterborough : "God created life. God did not create death."
Bishop Nicola was not about to allow a little thing like Genesis to spoil Fetus Festivus for everyone.
Buh bye till next year.
More : Fern and JJ and Pogge.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Oooooh... All those suits! How exciting! Men telling women what to do with their bodies.

CanNurse said...

Thanks for the List, Alison! Just to personalize them a little.... The one woman I see, Kelly Block, is a Sk rural Con MP who supports laws to allow children to be spanked - "cause the Bible says so"! She one of the little Stepgod wives. Trost & slimy Vellacott are also both from Sk. & are responsible for starting a prolife petition last year, via their religious right shite, lifesite. They're long know fetus fetisists & truly creepy twits. I'm printing out the entire list, so I remember the grand patriarchs of holydom. ARghghghg!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dean Del Maestro wants to have a dignified grown-up discussion about how life begins at conception.



the regina mom said...

Love the lingo, Alison! Fetus Festivus! Ha!

CanNurse, you sure know how to depress a SK grrl! :(

ck said...

Wanna few laughs? Wanna watch DelMastro blubber?

Here goes:

Video is under a minute and 3 years old; further evidence Harpercons do plan to revisit the abortion issue, to more than likely criminalize it again.

chris said...

So there's one woman in that sorry assed group of amateur obstetricians?

If she's not deeply ashamed and embarrassed she should be. Perhaps a few hundred thousand letters, calls and emails from women might do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Yet they never protest war and occupation.
All "life is precious" but apparently some lives are more "precious" than others.

sunsin said...

In the Old Testament, God never performs any abortions, but he DOES kill a whole sh*tload of people.

Guess that's the example they're following.

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