Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jason Kenney, duplicitous douchebag

via Boris at The Beav, Stageleft , CC , Dammit Janet , the Rev, JJ , Saskboy , JAWL, KNB , MgS, The Jurist, and suddenly you have a duplicitous douchebag with a bullet. More bullets, please.

Dave calls him out, mano a guano. Heh.

And Boris. Boris nails it : Conservatives are not right in the head.



Rev.Paperboy said...

"Mano a guano" will be making me laugh for the next week at least.

deBeauxOs said...

Yabbut, there is that shop-worn caution about getting down in the sty to wrestle with a pig.

You only get filty while the pig enjoys it.

Jason doesn't get much action that way and there's a reason why the majority of women and men find Kenney repulsive in so many nasty ways.

Just be sure to hose off the slime thoroughly before tangling with him.

Boris said...

"Mano a guano" - ditto Rev.

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