Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yo! Opposition parties! This is what an election issue looks like

Globe and Mail online poll G8/G20 May 29, 2010

Security for the billion-dollar boondoggle is being managed by ex-CSIS director Ward Elcock, who also just spent another billion on Vancouver Olympics security.
Asked why the London G20 expenses clocked in at $30-million last year by comparison, Elcock answered, "Bookkeeping."
I wonder if we could possibly get some of that.


Anonymous said...

But where are the Foreign Affairs staffers whose new job assignment is to seek out incorrect interwebs thinking and correct it?
Oh right, it's Saturday.
Never mind.


Alison said...

Chris, for just another $.7-billion, we could have built the Space Shuttle

thwap said...

Let's hope that if Canadians are a little blase about torture and contempt for democracy, they'll at least get incensed at this colossal waste of money.

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