Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gulf oil spill - That was then; this is then

Right. So they're just doing their very darnedest to deal with this completely unexpected environmental tragedy with their miles of boom and their top hats and junk shots and top kills - exactly the same useless shit that didn't work 30 years ago either.

Still, they have to tiddle about with something while the media cameras are rolling and Obama frowns on a beach.

Meanwhile the real plume is five miles away and spewing oil into the Gulf at the rate of 120,000 barrels a day according to this guy. What they're trying to cap now is just the sideshow. It's like the drunk looking for his carkeys under the streetlight; it's not where he dropped them but the light is better there.

'Plume' sounds pretty benign, doesn't it? Something you might wear on your tophat.
Underwater oil volcano - that's what they got.
Time to revisit this idea, courtesy of commenter Neil H at The Beav :



Kim said...

Dr. Ott is absolutlely correct. See it happening here? I'd risk my life to get that legislation passed. Unfortunately, at this point, there don't seem to be enough people who see the truth in Canada. That Harper has the polls in his pocket right now, makes me want to scream. Actually, that's not what I want to do, but if I wrote it here, I'd probably be in prison by morning. Exellent post Alison, as always!

opit said...

I was quipping with Dr. John v. Kampen when he surprised me with the observation this situation might well wake people up at affordable cost. His Archive gave the necessary context to support belief his was an informed opinion.

Rafferty said...

Great post. We're all aware of the comparison, but Maddow really pieces this one together.

I like calling it an oil volcano. Imagine how difficult it would be to try and stop the flow of a volcano. These guys are hopeless and they're ruining everything.

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