Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fake Lake - New! Improved!

Facing ridicule at home and abroad for his four day indoor G8 water feature, Steve fought back today by releasing a much more colourful artist depiction of the fakelake. Compared with Monday's picture, the new depiction features colourized canoes and someone hailing a waiter. Now that's more like it.
Hopefully this additional colour puts to rest any reservations the 88% of CBC readers polled who think this is a pile of crap might have been nurturing.


Holly Stick said...

Hailing a waiter? Sure that's not a salute? Though the hand is in a fist, not flat...

deBeauxOs said...

Yes, that facsimile is so much more authentic.

Lake Conbegone.

Kim said...

Who was it that called it The Conservative Talent Pool?

Alison said...

Kim : it was the inimitable Holly Stick.
I liked Lake Shamwow, after Tony Clement's Muskoka "infomercial", but perhaps too obscure for most so I went with Lake Inferior for the poll at ACR.

dBOs : Lake Conbegone. Good one.

Stewart said...

Isn't that a "Heil Harper" salute?

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