Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CPC John Weston on Shari'a Law

"I believe that society is best served when individuals are free to take their actions based on the fundamental freedom of religion that is a cornerstone of Canadian democracy and protected by our constitution," John Weston, a Christian constitutional lawyer and Conservative candidate for West Vancouver, told CanadianChristianity.com.
Weston added: "If people freely enter into arbitration . . . based on rules that they agree upon in advance -- and they understand those rules -- then I think the results will be better than if they are imposed by, let's say, a court system."

Better for whom, John?
We already have rules that we have agreed upon in advance.
The decisions of binding arbitration boards are enforceable in Canadian courts, and Muslim women are unwilling to hand over their children to the father when they reach the age of eight - as a Muslim faith-based arbitration board would dictate.
Shari'a Law doesn't recognise either freedom of religion or the separation of church and state. Do you?
What about freedom from religion?


Anonymous said...

so despite having the same nutbar agenda, iain benson is ok with you but somehow john weston is not???
do you think you might like weston too if you knew him? just askin'.

and john weston seemed to be such a 'stand up' guy at the legion ;)

Anonymous said...

In the end everyone's a nice guy to some degree....even Robert Picton has his qualities. As long as the oligarchy is in place the sociopathic system will dictate, and all those 'nice guys' of mostly caucasion privilege will dominate.

Where's the circle? The one the babe in swaddlings originally worked in before countless interpretations bastardized the guy and the women around him?

Ya. Mr. Swaddlings lived, was a great teacher etc., but had no intentions of creating a religion. He was just another guy with healing gifts, with more "powerful" abilities then some but not as much as others. Sheesh, where'd ya think he learned a lot of his craft? From the women around him and his trips to other regions.

Religion is one thing, bastardized teachings are another....preaching is different from teaching and is yet another bastardized craft.

But hey, the word bastard is kind of stupid itself, so , think I'm better off just going for a walk. Like my friend, Fidelis says, "Hey, we both know this stuff, so lets talk about other things and leave this stuff to educate the dummies". Fidelis is yet another brilliant homeless guy.

Anonymous said...

The important difference between Benson and Weston right now is that Benson isn't running for public office. I would have thought that was obvious.

'Stand up guy'- that's very good.

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