Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Workers of the World - Untie!

Quisling Watch

  • John Manley - former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister and ex-Finance Minister of Canada
  • Michael Wilson - former Tory Canada Finance Minister
  • Pierre-Marc Johnson - former Quebec premier
  • James Dinning - former Alberta Finance Minister
  • Tom Axworthy - former Chief of Staff to P E Trudeau
  • Thomas D'Aquino - Chief Executive of Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Thanks to the above for all their work this year on the 'Task Force on the Future of North America'. We are especially grateful for these recommendations:

  • a N.A. resource pact allowing greater trade and investment in non-renewable resources, such as oil, gas, and water
  • an integrated N.A. electrical grid
  • a common N.A. currency
  • a N.A. passport
  • a N.A. security perimeter
  • an educational project to teach the idea of a "shared N.A. identity" in schools
  • a harmonization of immigration and refugee policies with the US
  • a trilateral threat intelligence center with US and Mexico

and also for this quote:

"Governance has not kept pace with economic realities and is preventing further integration."



Anonymous said...

Name those whores! And where was the CBC coverage?
You should have mentioned that the Libs later signed off on this wholesale in the SPP. Check out the Council of Canadians website. So much for Martin's election I-love-Canada patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Vote Green, vote NDP, vote CAP.
Strategic voting this time means voting for anybody but these lying fuckchops.
OK, anybody but Sockpuppet.

Bazz said...

Dinning and D'Aquino don't surprse me, but what the fuck is Manley doing in that bunch of treasonous losers.

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