Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mudwrestling at the Forum

Come on, guys, you're so obviously being set up here.
Newbie "Michael Bloomberg" uses his very first post to ask where on the island Harrison Ford lives, and 52 posts later, half from the mischievous "Michael" himself, a free speech vs right to privacy debate has escalated into the cops being called in.
Now someone has posted an Entertainment Tonight report that HF has indeed bought a house here. Again.
So tomorrow on the Forum, everyone who was so outraged that a part-time islander like "Michael" (read : not one of us) would have the nerve to invade HF's privacy will be invited yet again to speculate endlessly on just which house HF has bought.
Think about how stupid you want to look.

On the lighter side, given that mud wrestling is primarily a spectator's sport, I was pleased to see the return of local poet Terry who lobbed one of his blank verses into the fray. To wit :

"Topics spill onto this digital navel
like random shaky spoonfuls of warm soup.
The pH of all local flavours rarely rises above 2."

Now why can't I write like that?


Chris said...

It was a trollish thread all round, that's for sure. But I have to say that MB (whoever that is) came out of the gates pretty strong.

Weird day. I think Richard called it right...it may have been the fastest 50 posts on any forum thread.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you link to a different mud wrestling link earlier?

Anonymous said...

There is no light that can be thrown on this thread. All the posters, including the infamous Mayor of New York, have been sucked into a black hole. - It must be the weather.

Alison said...

Why, yes I did, m.
What seemed hilarious at midnight last night just looked mean by the morning.
But if you can find me a picture of someone having warm soup spooned into their navel, my pH might get up to 3 again.

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