Thursday, January 19, 2006


Item 46 of the Conservative Party Policy Declaration reads :

"Off-shore gas and oil development
A Conservative Government will promote exploration and environmental assessment of off-shore natural resources...."

I thought we had a moratorium on off-shore drilling and seismic testing...

"We will ensure that companies follow best practices and the precautionary principle to mitigate environmental risk...."

Oh well then - "best practices and the precautionary principle". Why didn't you say so right away?
This obviously beats a total moratorium on off-shore drilling all to hell by comparison.
And "mitigate environmental risk"? As in "to make less severe"? As in "the environmental disaster from a faultline earthquake will be less severe if it is first preceded by 'best practices and the precautionary principle' "?

Chris Corrigan reported that following a visit to Bowen in December, local CPC candidate John Weston had this to say about us in a press release: "And as island residents, they are particularly worried about the Canadian military's inability to respond to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes."

No, John, we are particularly worried about government policies that may actually cause disasters, especially the ones that can in no way be passed off as 'natural'. Like fatal whale strandings, large-scale fish kills, and damage to crabs, squid and other marine life.

"and to consider the potential of these natural resources before designating new Marine Protected Areas."

Yeah, well, we saw that one coming.

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