Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Scam, Bam, Thank you, Ma'am

Over at the excellent Bouquets of Grey is a story from the Winnipeg Free Press about CPC Winnipeg candidate Linda West and her mail-order PhD.
Here's my diploma mill story.
Some years ago I started getting emails from The Western Ivy Covered University College or something like that. For a while I amused myself with just returning their "acredited univercity diplomas" solicitations with the spelling and grammar corrected (yeah, I know, but I was sick at the time and besides the whole pooter thing was new to me). Then I heard about a scambaiter who had conned one of those Nigerian "please help me-I'm very rich" scammers, and I was inspired to respond to WICUS regarding my interest in a PhD. Back came an invitation to obtain one in any field I liked for $2800US and the good news was that it was a self-directed study program in which all my previous work experience would count too. What a deal. Plus when I explained that I wasn't interested in writing any tests or submitting anything till my final paper - they were fine with that.
I do wish my old computer hadn't suddenly retired, taking with it all the ensuing correspondence in which Western Whatever U patiently adjusted their program to accommodate my rapidly changing career objectives. You see initially I really wanted to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Policy Objectives for General Human Sciences, like the former deputy director of the US Dept of Homeland Security has, but eventually I came to see that there were more opportunities awaiting me in "Motel Management and Firearms Consulting". Sadly, my correspondence with them finally came to an abrupt end with my request for a financial prospectus on completing my Grade 10.

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