Monday, January 09, 2006

"Wait a sec there, Slick...Turn it back, turn it back now a sec..."

You're telling me that you're gonna give me $1200 a year in Child Care Allowance that I can spend any way I want -- for free-- and all I gotta do in return is let you make whatever changes you want to the country and the constitution and the judiciary.
Damn but that's gonna buy a lot of beer and popcorn.

With apologies to David Cross.


Anonymous said...

ah yes I remember this bit - it's from his 'sockpuppet and shoes', right?

Anonymous said...

...But I still get my twelve hundred? Okay, Mr. Weston, you got my vote! Wing-ding-doodly-ding-ding-do!

Alison said...

Henceforth to be known as John Wing-ding-doodly-ding-ding-do Weston.
If you click on the link to DC, WYMCU, you get a bonus review of JWDDDDDW's whole campaign.
Good to hear from you.

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