Saturday, January 28, 2006

Human density transfer

From the Undercurrent :

"One of the fun activities that came from Ft. St. John was the walk to Whistler. They actually had the whole community come out one day and walk together; they added up their mileage and had the 1300 kms it would take to walk to Whistler from Fort St. John."

Wait for it...

"Well, obviously the distance from Bowen to Whistler is a little shorter, so the parks and rec. girls have decided to change the challenge slightly. For the week of Feb 3 to Feb 10, you add your mileage up to the 101 kms it is to Whistler. That's a long distance for most people to complete individually so you may form a group and add your miles together."

Yes, it's the human density transfer principle.

So why the fuck would we sign on to this dense idea?
Well apparently the "2010 Legacies Now" committee want us to start up some winter traditions now so that we'll be in the mood by 2010 because :

"The Olympics are not just about the actual competitions anymore. A very important aspect of having the Olympics in the lower mainland is the legacies that will be left long after the Olympics are done."

Ah, yes, legacies. In one of the original pitches for having the 2010 Olympics here, the council of Salt Lake City was quoted as saying they would definitely host the Olympics a second time if they got the chance. When I wrote to Salt Lake City council asking for more details, they wrote back to explain that hosting the Olympics a second time was the only possible way for Salt Lake City to recoup their losses from the first time.

I would suggest that rather than join the "Walk to Whistler" campaign, if you really want to show your support for Olympics 2010, a more fitting tribute would be to just park your car in your driveway and leave the engine running for 45 minutes or so.


Anonymous said...

Can we swim to Whistler? Anybody wanna swim to Whistler? I like swimming...

Ah, come on guys! It'll be fun!!!

Maybe I should call Colleen to see if swimming counts.

Anonymous said...

You've gotta move the car to turn the odometer.
I love walking, but I would rather accumulate mileage so that the legacy for this particular Senor human density is transferred as far away from Whistler as possible. I choose Cuba to be the place that I would like to be transferred to whilst the games are on.
How's that for a winter tradition? Send me to Cuba for two weeks every February. Now that's a Legacy Now.

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