Friday, May 19, 2006

Chickenhawk Howard

From the Globe and Mail :
"Addressing the Canadian House of Commons yesterday, Australian PM John Howard described the US as a "remarkable and powerful force for good in the world," adding that Canada, Australia and other nations should deeply appreciate "the decency and hope that the power and purpose of the United States represents to the world."
He referred directly to the previous Liberal government's opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq"

Oh yeah, Canada is sure sorry about missing the boat on Iraq.
What were we thinking?
And weren't you the little prick who publicly claimed to have seen the US evidence of WMDs in Iraq?

And from NaPo : "As for those massive uranium reserves shared by Canada and Australia, Howard warned that a proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership - while "laudably" seeking to curb nuclear proliferation - must not "work against the interests of countries such as Canada and Australia." "

By "interests", Howard presumably meant the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, where he later went for dinner.

Harper greeted Howard with full military honours.
This is the way we always greet those heads of state who are very big on war now but who previously declined to serve in the Viet Nam War when they had the chance.


scout said...

ya, now there's no draft, they're past age anyways. that's why the dems put a draft in place from the outset to activate conscription...too many rebuplican congress and senate have kids of it never passed.

maybe the opposition here should do that, save that haper's dumb enough to go for it at the urging of bush. howard's probably dumb enough too.

Anonymous said...

i understand what you're saying here, but please acknowledge that it is possible to be in support of one war but not another.

Anonymous said...

I must be very slow, and a tad naive. I thought Canada was going to Afghanistan for a peacekeeping and country rebuilding mission. When did it become a war? Maybe I read other said ... wrong but what other war is there. Let's see - the war on terror - nope we didn't join Bush on that one in Iraq. The US war against the Taliban? not sure about that one. someone please educate me.

Alison said...

i understand what you're saying here, but please acknowledge that it is possible to be in support of one war but not another.

other : You're quite right but Howard supported both wars.
I'll even go you one better. It's also possible to support a war while knowing you would make a crappy soldier in it. Possible too to support the objectives of a particular war while personally remaining a pacifist.
Either position however denies you the right to cheerlead the participation of others as Howard does.

slowgirl : I think "other" is referring to my criticism of Howard for declining Viet Nam but cheerleading Iraq.

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