Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And V is for Verisimilitude

Israel and Hezbollah are both claiming victory in Lebanon.
I guess that officially makes it a win-win situation.



Q said...

Don't you love it when everyone's a winner? Except of course for the people, the infra-structure, the environment and the truth...

Anonymous said...

Hey q!!

Is that a turban on your cat? Didn't I see that same cat at a training camp in Pakistan?

No, wait, Pakistan is our friend and we want to sell them nukes. It must have been Afghanistan!!

No, no, we're forcing, I mean bringing democracy to Afghanistan.

It must have been Syria!!

No, wait! Even better: Iran!!

...But I thought we were going to sell nukes to Iran.

Damn! There goes the pension plan...

Q said...

Turban? This homeboy is clearly wearing a Miami Dolphins tuque and jersey.

Alison said...

Actually, Q, it looked like a turban to me too before I clicked on it...not that there's anything wrong with that.

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