Friday, September 01, 2006

Corner Gasbag

Just picked this up from my mailbox. You probably got one too.
Yup, those are real quotes from the cast of Corner Gas, as you can read here and here.
Coincidentally, they are also a very good description of him as PM too.

Gosh I sure hope no one notices I photoshopped it a little.
OK, here's the original. It's funnier anyway.

H/T to Red Tory, whose posts on this sent me out to my mailbox.


Dave said...

As I'm single, it seems I am apparently no longer worthy of government protection from crime...sigh. Sure show's me for not running out, getting married, and having 2.4 kids.

Q said...

Tackling street racing? Well let's also ban the drive-thru and holding hands.

scout said...

personally i wear a latex glove while holding hands.

i'm sure the hubby will be off to someone's house to see this when it airs...not because he likes stephen harper but because he loves corner gas.

love the photoshop and story!

Anonymous said...

Those 2.4 kids are kinda funny-looking anyways, dave - they all have that same lop-sided look to them

Havril said...

He's a natural. Abbot to Bush's Costello. Or was that Larry to Bush's Moe?

RossK said...

Couldn't help but notice the nice, white 'frame' around that thing.


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