Sunday, September 24, 2006

McVety to Harper : Pwned!

"The bible interprets itself" said blowhard buffoon Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, to howls of derision from the audience on CBC's "The Big Picture" tonight.

Other recent McVety quotes are not so easily laughed off.

Globe&Mail :
"McVety noted that large numbers of Conservative supporters actively campaigned to get out the vote in the last election for Tory MPs who oppose gay marriage, which he said contributed to a higher voter turnout and a Conservative victory.
"If they abandon those voters, they won't come out. And if there is not a high voter turnout, there will be no majority [Conservative] government," he said."

Shorter McVety : The Cons only need 4 out of 10 voters to attain a majority government in Canada. Right now they have 3 1/2.

So how is McVety gonna own Steve?

The Hill Times :
A "15-point lobbying campaign" costing "tens of thousands of dollars" which includes "prayer rallies in front of Member of Parliament [constituency] offices across the country" to be launched Sept 18.

Oh, lovely.
Just how many of those MPs do you think will be tough enough to stand up to McVety's flying monkeys in the media spotlight? Regardless of how they regard him in private, some of them might just be willing to cave rather than risk being painted as "godless" in an election. Just a few. Say, 10 or 15.

And suddenly we're looking at a Con majority owned by a few Christian whackos.
So yuck it up, my lovelies, because McVety certainly deserves it.
Just don't nap off here.


Q said...

'Blowhard buffoon' 'Howls of derision' Love those phrases.

But it's not like Harper's a Faust McCain. He already is one of those loonies, so his Tory pack should be cheap to pwn?

Bob Rae will soon smite these Calgary Jonestowners with his infectious smug Liberal preeminence.

RossK said...

Already tried, tested and true by the folks to the south.....

It's all about the base.

Well, that and disenfranchising the anti-base.

Wonder when that onslaught is scheduled to begin?

(do golden hockey stick tax credit buy-offs count?)

MgS said...

Sez Gazetteer:

Well, that and disenfranchising the anti-base.

Wonder when that onslaught is scheduled to begin?

It started yesterday with $1 billion in spending cuts - which disproportionately affect women, minorities and the illiterate. (Those groups most likely to live in poverty)

RossK said...

Or a one billion dollar sucker punch to all that is progressive in the country formerly known as Canuckistan.....?

RossK said...

Sorry Grog--

Hadn't refreshed before posting.....


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