Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Memorize this quote

because we're probably going to be needing it again pretty soon.

"I just don't think it made sense for the government to subsidize lawyers to challenge the government's own laws in court," Treasury Board president John Baird said."

This is John "Workfare" Baird's justification for cutting funding to the Court Challenges Program, which funded litigation in the name of equal rights for those who could not otherwise afford it.
A Charter of Rights that cannot be accessed by everyone is not exactly a Charter of Rights then, is it, John?

The Court Challenges Program is on the same chopping block as funding for adult literacy, museums, future admin costs at Status of Women, medical marijuana research - you can read the whole sorry list for yourself at the Treasury Board of Canada website.

And about that quote : How long do you think it will be before Canada's Gnu Government will have occasion to "subsidize lawyers to challenge the government's own laws in court" ?

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Anonymous said...

Talk about missing the point, that’s what I thought when I heard Baird’s remark. I guess the Conservatives are so blinded by the beauty of their own wisdom that any attempt to challenge them would seem to be an unnecessary waste of time. Or maybe this is a pre-emptive strike at anyone who dares to challenge them, they sure have a hard time dealing with criticism.

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