Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Anschluss watchdogs

Remember the super-secret deep integration conference at the Banff Springs Hotel last week?
And the quite spectacular non-coverage it received from CBC and the print media?

Well today it just became a whole lot more visible thanks to ...

Aaron Paton at the Banff Crag and Canyon who scooped the mainstream media.
Susan Thompson at Vive le Canada who followed up on publishing Mel Hurtig's email last week with a list of the conference's participants and agenda, and
Maude Barlow of Council of Canadians who provides a concise overview in today's Toronto Star, the first big paper to make any mention of it.

On the blogs, skdadl at Pogge summarizes the progress so far, while Ross at The Gazetteer has been pushing on this all week in five separate posts.

Take a bow, Anschluss watchdogs, for paying attention to the little men behind the curtain.

Update : Gosh, thanks just ever so, CBC, for this truly stellar piece of investigative journalism.
And to think they were working without a media press kit from Stockboy!
They did at least quote Banff taxi driver Chris Foote, who as Herbinator mentioned below, should have been prominantly included in my list above for his part in getting the word out.


Art Hornbie said...

And don't forget Chris Foote, local green party guy, who figured it out and began phoning all the media.

Anonymous said...

I notice Maude's column bears an uncanny resemblance to both your earlier posts on this put together. Take a bow yourself, Alison.

Now, as the comment thread on your link to Vive le Canada points out, the job will be to force an unwilling media to do their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the "forcing the media" thing.

The TO Star, which one would think would be all over this story, had the op-ed piece by Maudie but that was all.

Nothing whatever in the Globe or any of the CanWest papers.

I sent this email to Ed Greenspon at the G&M, link to the Banff paper at the top.

"They claim to have the list of attendees and the agenda. Fairly easily verified I imagine.

Don't care?

Why not? You'd get swamped by the mighty US media wurlitzer in a nanosecond - nearly are sometimes now for that matter and that's before integration.

Or maybe the G&M is under a hands off command from the upper floors at Bell. Easy to believe given the total absence in the Globe pages of what appears to be a pretty damn newsworthy gathering."

Guess what?

No response and no coverage.

RossK said...

Well, I must admit, I thought maybe it was a lost cause until.....

World NetWacko Daily picked up the story.

Anonymous said...

I called every newspaper, emailed my MLA and MP, called the GG (was surprised to be answered by a real live person and invited to leave a voice mail on the GG's personal line. I declined (come on, a nobody like me to talk to the GG?), and preferred to let her secretary take the information which she assured me would be investigated and all info given to the GG), I called Ujjal Dosanjh and also was treated with respect and info taken down; the best reception I got for all efforts was with the Canadian Taxpayer's Adam Taylor who seemed quite interested in the matter and who said his organization would put in an Access to Information Request regarding the travel expenses claimed by O'Connor, Day, and Hillier. He took down the web addy's of the reportage and said he would get back to me. Reluctantly, I did give my name and location. I do hope this was not in vain.
The people I have personally told are scared, concerned, some unbelieving.
As one of those freedom-loving West Coasters I am expecting the Georgia Straight to come out with something. Alas, the day I called them their paper was already on the stands. Perhaps next Thursday they will have something on this issue which affects each and every Canadian, regardless of political affiliation.
How does it feel to be manipulated by big business, behind the scenes politicos? It feels way bad. Off the scale bad.
Canada deserves better.
Canada is a country, with rights, and with people willing to stand up for it. Some people might be playing this war game only to ensure Canadians are not "engaged" or involved with what is taking place in our Gnu Government.
I was appalled when I spoke to some of the people who should be in the know, and they knew less than I did.
I await on tenterhooks the outcome of all this spilling of beans.

Anonymous said...

Stockwell Day has denied there was a secret meeting in Banff September 12-14, 2006.

Now comes the coverup.

Alison said...

Actually ,anonymous, just to clarify your comment: he didn't deny that there was a meeting, only that the meeting was a secret.
Yeah, well, it isn't secret now, is it, Stockie?
Unable to go for cover-up, he has opted instead for spin :

From the Penticton Herald article you cite :

"Anytime I get a chance to promote Canadian products and the need to make sure Canadians have good access to manufacturing and sales potential in the United States and Mexico, I will."

See? He wasn't there in his capacity as Minister of Public Safety at all. No, he wasn't selling Canadian sovereignty down the river that leads to the US, just Canadian products.

Thanks for the link to this, anonymous.

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