Friday, September 22, 2006

Red Friday

Where'd that bug go reminds us of the Red Friday public rally on Parliament Hill today at noon.

"News Talk Radio 580 CFRA is proud to support the grassroots effort brought to Petawawa by the wives of two men serving in the Canadian Forces. The concept of wearing something red - whether a red shirt, jacket, cap, bandana or whatever - every Friday is meant to let the soldiers and their spouses and children know they are not alone."
There is a song - "We Wear Red", a musical tribute commemorating 9/11 and how "our lives were changed forever", and merchandise - like this Canadian "Support Our Troops" T-shirt with the big "Made in the USA" sticker across it.

And it turns out they are indeed not alone.
Coincidentally, there is also a Red Friday "grassroots effort" south of the border to get people to wear red on Fridays, and they also sell Support the Troops T-shirts .

What a shame these two grassroots efforts didn't get together on the merchandising for this one.

Ever helpful, we here at Creekside have designed a new T to more accurately represent both groups.
We are still working on the song.


Andrew said...

You really are a miserable individual, aren't you. Geeeeeeez - at first I enjoyed your blog, but you've really worn me down with your continued pathetic "CPC == USA" bullshit.

Enjoy your little delusions - I'm done with this place.

Art Hornbie said...

And I think you are getting better and better.

Wow, nice t-shirt. I'm going to steal it and use it for this Saturday's (or Sunday's) quickie posting.

Chris said...

Hey! You lost a reader!'ve hit another milestone. (By the way I see that Andrew, on his most recent posting about the length of blogrolls on Tory vs. Liberal blogs says "Political blogging is a negative pastime - the sooner people realize that, the better off we all are." So, whatever.)

As for the wearing red thing...this wasn't on the agenda in Banff? Seems like picking low hanging fruit to have started the North American integration effort with matching outfits on Fridays.

First the shirts, then the world!

Anonymous said...

Nice one.
The conservative blogs are really pushing the idea that "a couple of Canadian soldier's wives and mothers started this up all on their own" meme.
I guess Andrew didn't much care for you pointing out that particular little "delusion".
Canadian Cynic has a good post up on this now too.

Alison said...

Well, Andrew, then I'll be sorry to lose you as I learned a good deal from you, and as different as our politics are, I always respected your obviously sincere and primary concern for the welfare of Canadian troops.

Thanks, Herbinator, send me a blip and I'll send you some other variations to choose from.

Chris : I would dearly love to blame the Tories for this but unfortunately I'm already on record blaming Martin ;-)

Tim : Yeah, but did you see them on TV? The crowds in red, I mean. As completely fucked as I think this whole red Friday con is, I'd be willing to bet that the people who actually showed up were there simply to support the troops and I was rather moved by that.

btw, I started this post with a link to 'Where'd that bug go' because he lists some good alternatives to wearing red.

snickertybiggetz said...

I will wear black on Friday.

Alison said...

Snicks : LOL
I meant good alternative programs to wearing red, not alternative colours to red.

Mike said...

All part of the Anchloss, I suspect...

Anonymous said...

I'm an American and the first thing I thought of was that this was an American Right-wing ploy to get people to wear the color of the Republican I think I'll show my support by wearing blue on Friday.

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