Friday, September 08, 2006

Men are smarter than women

How much smarter? 3.63 IQ points smarter claims Dr. J. Philippe Rushton, the Andrew Dice Clay of Canadian academia.
Plus, as he has previously informed us, Asians are smarter than whites who are smarter than blacks.

The University of Western Ontario psychologist has his new study featured in today's Ottawa Citizen.
Anticipating some possible adverse reaction, he states :

''We have to find the truth about the normal distribution in society,'' said the professor, whose study is published in the September issue of the academic journal Intelligence. ''It's not right to simply say, 'it must be discrimination and don't dare say anything else.' One should really look at the facts.''

OK, let's look at some facts then, Dr. Rushton.
You are currently president of The Pioneer Fund, founded in 1937 by Nazi eugenicist Harry Laughlin and Nazi sterilization laws advocate Frederick Osborn.
Well that was a long time ago. What has The Pioneer Fund done on your watch?
Besides publishing 'Mankind Quarterly', edited by Roger Pearson, founder of the neo Nazi Northern League, that is.
Ah, still struggling with that whole concept of darkies, I see.
Plus there's this piece you published on March 2006 at VDare, the white supremacist website, praising the work of fellow nutbar racist Richard Lynn, who coincidentally serves on the board of directors of The Pioneer Fund.

Now I happen to agree with you, Dr. Rushton, that the parameters of scientific study should not be filtered through a lens of political correctness. I really do.
But you, Dr Rushton, whatever your academic qualifications, you are a nutter.
And that's a pretty strong a filter all by itself.


Anonymous said...

People like Rushton are good to have around. He reminds us Canadians of our present times are not immune to xenophobias, especially if exposed to toxic wish fulfillment presented as 'science'and there are poisoners more than willing to spike the national reservoirs of spirit.

I always find it interesting that campuses are accused of extreme liberal corruption when people like Rushton and Flanagan at UofC have tenure and influence off campus on matters of 'race'.

Dave said...

Agreed Niles. I'm not certain which one is actually the worst.

I'm surprized Rushton shifted from race to sex though.

Oh hold it. Rushton is the one who said you either get a big penis or a big brain, but not both. He's already done sex.

Since Rushton has a rather inflated head, we can assume he's hung like a bull budgie.


Ti-Guy said...

Women have really small penises. So doesn't that make them smarter?

Dr. Rushton...please clarify.

harbinger said...

Men are smarter than women! NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Oh for heavens' sake of course men are smarter than women!

The fashion industry alone is proof of that!

But saying men are smarter than women (or vice versa for that matter) is immaterial when speaking of a species that's not smart enough to stop poisoning itself.

Dave said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, the kind of talk used by people like Rushton is an attempt to compensate for their own lack of ability. I'm an individualist, and I bloody well hate being used to pull up other members of some group that someone felt like measuring as if it operates on some collective level, or shared traits are indicative of anything on a group level.

As for the penis thing, well...I don't believe intelligence can really factor into that, seems like more of an explination for perceived inadequecies.

What the heck is with UWO? Seems like all the quacks in Canada go there. This guy, Stephen Harper, A.K. Dewdney...

Q said...

Thanx Dave, that's my alma mater but you're right, U.W.O is crazy to keep him but they think they're proving a point about academic freedom? Doesn't seem to hurt enrolment but whenever the UWO aluminists call for donations I always say as soon as you can the racist asshole Rushton I'll donate. I was in philosophy of course where we still refuse to measure penises as a scientific endeavor...

Havril said...

"Since Rushton has a rather inflated head, we can assume he's hung like a bull budgie."

You haven't seen my budgie.

CC said...

1) Women have really small penises.

2) An intellectual confrontation with neo-con wanker Jeff Goldstein typically involves a cock-slapping contest.

3) Because of their small penises, women will generally lose this confrontation.

4) Therefore, men are smarter than women.

God, I love logic.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Havril's budgie would beat the crap out of Jeff's armadillo.

snickertybiggetz said...

All I can say is, my penis is fucking retarded.

scout said...

i envy my own small penis.

what the fuck is i.q. all about anyways? it's a series of categories that address and give credence to certain areas of the brain. add all the 'taken parts into consideration' and you end up with a number that demonstrates if you're good academic material. those who excell in certain areas but don't reach 'the revered numbers' are classified as something else, not 'fitting the grade'.

i'm not griping about my own iq score as it wins the seal of approval from from the club who puts so much credence into it. and i've yet to meet any mensa member who doesn't have a swollen head and superior attitude (where's the iq rating for the insecure big ego?).

rushton must have gathered stats from somewhere like rotary club members or other women excluded clubs (women are smart enough not to fight for the right to join these things).

i'd rather there be a 'love quota' with high scoring LQ's as major influences on the country.

Bazz said...

"...the Andrew Dice Clay of Canadian academia."

That's awesome, Alison!

I remember an incident here at the University of Alberta a few years ago (ok, about 13 years ago), when a math prof whose name escaped me basically told his female students that they'd be better off and happier slaving away over the stove at home, and that they really had no business studying university-level math. I do believe that he had to eat those words, eventually. In any case, he was much mocked, and rightly so.

poodlefaker said...

oh yeah, i made a link to your thing on my thing
click on 'all' under 'about tobemusic'
pretty clever, huh
don't even know how really
let alone why

poodlefaker said...

to smart or not to smart?
two b's or not two b's?
that is the question
whether tis nobler in the mind
or nobbler in the mind
some men are smarter, or more clever, than some other men
or, maybe, some women
nice tie

Unknown said...

It's well known that white males tend to score higher than women/minorities on the SAT. Ruston's "findings" are nothing new. His crackpot conclusions that SAT scores "prove" that men are inherently smarter than women...well, that probably isn't new either, but it's still bad science. Correlation does not equal causation.

Other studies have shown a range of factors that affect women's test performance: self-objectification, stereotype threat (being told that your gender/race is "dumb in math" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy), greater incidence of depression/anxiety that can affect problem-solving ability under pressure, etc. The IQ gap between men and women seems small enough that these factors could account for most of it. (Is the gap even statistically significant?)

I laughed out loud when I read Rushton's comment that the 3.6 IQ difference "explains the glass ceiling." Yeah--millenia of oppression, lack of educational opportunities, misogyny, career-disrupting motherhood, social pressure to stay in the background...none of that matters, the true and only culprit is a 3.6 point gap in IQ!

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