Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blog memes

The Rules :
1) Thank me profusely for the rare honour of nominating you to this prestigious meme.
Suggested good words to use : thrilled, overwhelmed, grateful, humbled.
Bad words : spam, blog-whoring, pyramid scheme, chain letter
Be sure to mention that you always read my blog every day and indeed, I am the inspiration that caused you to take up blogging yourself.

2) List the eight/five/three/lefty/thinking/random/secret/interesting things about yourself/what you are reading/who you think is hot/worst job experience evah.
Don't worry too much about this part - no one reads blogs.
Be quirky; be fun. Best to avoid any mention of chronic skin diseases or your best stalking experience. Another link back to me in bold wouldn't go amiss here either.

3) See that list of your 500 frequently read blogs on your sidebar? Finally you get to use it for something. Find eight/five/three blogs who somehow haven't been tagged yet and list them in your meme post. Bear in mind the ones you leave out will never link to you again.

4) Leave a comment on your victims' blogs to say you have nominated them.
Check back frequently to make sure they spelled your name correctly in Rule #1.

Thank you : Rusty Idols, Big City Lib, Unrepentant Old Hippie, Pogge, The Woodshed, The Galloping Beaver, Harper Valley
Because I really was thrilled, overwhelmed, grateful, and humbled.
No really. Just don't do it ever again.

Update : Heh.


bigcitylib said...
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Q said...

Je t'adore aussi.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you please stop being so, y'know, great?

You're showing some of the rest of us up!

Anonymous said...

*g* Feel free to nominate me! :P

Dave said...


Unknown said...

Dave, I vote for Alison to be made Queen of All Meme Tag Responses at The Galloping Beaver.

she can just link to this.

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