Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Greens, The True Conservatives" ???

That's quite the statement, sir.
While I appreciate your candor as the Green candidate for Prince George - Peace River, I fear the rest of your party will not.

And this isn't helping :

"For us Greens, who take pride in our ability to conserve, eliminate waste, and plan ahead for the future, our fiscal responsibility goes hand in hand with our environmental conservation. We believe that a thorough and genuine conservativism will develop policies that are built upon these two pillars. We hope that Jay Hill and the Conservatives in Ottawa will begin to show themselves to be conservative in more than name and begin to take on the principled policies of the Green Party."

As your first commenter points out ;
"When the Green candidate speaks out, we should avoid aligning our self too closely to one of the other parties' values, unless that party is the only significant competition."

H/T Politique Vert


Anonymous said...

"In a real sense, the Greens are more thoroughly conservative than the Harper Conservatives (who have unfortunately learned a lot from their Liberal predecessors)"

He's specifically talking about tax policy. You have to admit this is a fair assessment.

Cliff said...

You've been tagged. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

The Greens have always confused me a bit.Seems to me so many of them and more than a few in leadership positions were acknowledged conservatives,or come from that side of the political spectrum.

Anonymous said...

"Prog" Blog has a Green Party candidate as a member and he has a post up right now . Get a load of this :
Why a Green Party government would be good for business.

"Green Party government in Canada would be good for business.
As true as it might be, it is not intuitively obvious, and thus results in the common misconception that the Green Party is left wing, or that we would “ruin the economy."

leftwing = ruin the economy


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