Thursday, July 05, 2007

God, gays, and geography

Remember that whole God hates teh gay nonsense from the Brit bishops?

At the time I asked why "your sky monster can pinpoint individual acts of sex you don't care for but unfortunately is unable to respond to them with anything more refined than a broad brush flooding-and-thousands-of-homeless?"

From Hairy Fish Nuts :

"Oh look!" says God, "there are two men humping in London, in my righteous anger I will flood... oh let's see now... someplace flat... far away of course... ahha! Sheffield, deluge for you!"
"Oh fer... THEY'RE STILL HUMPING!!!?!!? What do I have to do to make it clear that I don't like that sort of thing?" God cried.
"Well you could try that writing on the wall trick," one angel helpfully offered, "Or perhaps the burning bush thing? That really got their attention last time."
"A bit hack and I've really gotten to like this whole random disaster thing, it's actually rather fun... oh look, that man in Ottawa there doesn't believe in me, goodbye Rangoon!"

OK, I'm just pillaging his whole post now.
Go read it for yourself.


Q said...

God's methods are so...old school.

He should get with the times and start flying planes into buildings. That gets the attention... if he's feeling ignored.

Anonymous said...

LOL -that picture provides an interesting counterpoint

Mike said...

Oops, my apologies to Rangoon....


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