Friday, July 13, 2007

Enhancing poppyfields, eradicating the lives of women and children...

Globe and Mail : Change tune on war, PM told

"The Harper government has been told to stop referring to “fighting terrorism” and the Sept. 11 attacks, and to banish the phrase “cut and run” from its vocabulary if it is to persuade a skeptical public that the military mission in Afghanistan is worth pursuing.

A public-opinion report says only 40 per cent of respondents across Canada, and almost none in Quebec, support the deployment. To change the perceptions, it recommends putting the emphasis on “rebuilding,” “enhancing the lives of women and children,” and “peacekeeping.”

The report to Foreign Affairs was prepared last month by The Strategic Counsel.
And the firm says the public views information from Ottawa “through a thick lens of cynicism.”
“They feel that much of what government says is propaganda, intended simply to appeal to the voting public and to spin stories in a positive manner,” the report points out."

And then it goes on to recommend how to re-spin the stories in a positive manner to appeal to the voting public.
I'm not even going to bother snarking this one up.
Let's just wait and see what Steve does with it.

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Q said...

..a thick lens of cynicism...that's a great one...and nice to know the rose colored neocon shades are coming back...reality is depressing.

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