Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The separatists are coming! The separatists are coming!

Late in from a media-free day at work and I'm cooking and trying to catch up with the late news on the TV in the next room - all in all the less than ideal conditions under which most Canadians receive their news - and this is what I hear : blah blah separatists blah blah socialists blah blah Bloc blah separatists, separatists, separatists ... And I'm guessing that's all that much of the rest of Canada heard today too.

Seriously, what's with all this nonsense about separatists? We know why Harper is doing it - re-inflating himself by sowing discord as usual - but what the fuck was with the rest of you wanker pundits smirking and rolling your eyes on CPAC tonight?

The Bloc is a regional party looking out for Quebec interests. Less than a third of people who vote Bloc support separation. Their platform strongly promotes worker's rights, the Kyoto Accord, same-sex marriage, the right to abortion, decriminalization of marijuana, and was vehemently opposed to any Canadian participation in the Iraq War. They're social democrats.
So it's pretty clear why the Cons fear them. What's your excuse?


West End Bob said...

Yup. All the con-owned media outlets are playing the corporate tune: "Separatists are coming, Separatists are coming! Hide your wife and children!" Give me a fucking break. Problem is most of the "masses" will probably buy in to the scare.

My fervent hope is that Madame Jean sends harperco's sorry ass back to his party without his cookie to take his lumps . . . .

Alison said...

I'm not hopeful

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