Monday, July 27, 2009

New from TASER™ - a three-stun gun

The new TASER™ X3 can fire off three shots up to 35 feet without being reloaded.

Impressive. At a distance of 35 feet, you wouldn't even need to talk to the taseree first.

"We are the new technology – it's splashy because of the electricity, you can make it scary," said Rick Smith of TASER International as he and his brother fired off six rounds apiece to whoops and applause from law enforcement officers attending TASER's annual conference today.
"This is as big a step as when firearms went from a muzzle loader to the revolver," Rick Smith said later. "If I was a cop I'd want to carry one."

So that's three separate people - or I guess in a pinch, three shots for one lucky person.
Why just this morning I was reading about a police officer using a TASER™ to drop a suspect and handcuff him facedown, then firing a second shot into his buttocks as three officers sat on him, and finally the officer shoved his TASER™ up the guy's ass and threatened to tase his balls off with a third shot.
As TASER International likes to say, just imagine how much easier and safer those police officers' jobs will be without all that pesky reloading.
h/t Waterbaby

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thwap said...

protest in the winter wearing rubber armour.

macgyver up yer own tasers!!!

(whoops and applause)

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