Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drill, Iggy, Drill

The identity of the author of the anonymously hosted website Republicans For Ignatieff remains a mystery - Who is besmirching Iggy? Is it a dipper? Or is it a Con? But today via David Akin, we learn there is now a real live Republican activist for Iggy attached to those fingers in the picture at left :
"AUGUST 24, 2009 --This past weekend, Republicans for Ignatieff held its first Ignatieff Meet and Greet at the Missouri State Fair.
The event was a huge success. We distributed our new Republicans for Ignatieff signs and stickers to numerous GOP supporters. Future meet and greets are being planned in Alabama, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, and yes, Canada.
More and more Republicans agree: Michael Ignatieff is the right choice for America, the right choice for Canada and the right choice for Republicans."

"When Sarah Palin came out and said, drill, baby, drill, it hit a nerve with folks here. It really caught on. If we can get the Canadian version which is “Drill, Iggy, Drill”, or whatever you want to say, we need to utilize that source not only for our energy needs but for our national security needs. I think [Ignatieff] is well-suited to run the Canadian government."

Hoo boy.
Of course, this would not be the first time a so-called grassroots hoax got a promotion to reality.


West End Bob said...

It's really all quite depressing, isn't it, Lady Alison ? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

I find the whole thing rather droll. RFI is coming to Canada? Oh please let them choose Alberta - thousands of US Republicans live here.

Oemissions said...

I liked that Sesame Street style with the numbers on the Rachel M video clip!
Thanks for your posts!
Being informed helps!

Anonymous said...

ach...couldn't get to the youtube with the hotspot i'm at!!!

but really, iggy is the perfect target and prop, isn't he? and once again we have a liberal fence sitter in very bad need of hemmaroid cream. maybe preperation H even contributed to his campaign.

so, false or true about the republican support, ignatieff really is just another in 'pill, iggy, pill'

Anonymous said...

p.s., don't you just LOVE parades ;D

Ricky Barnes said...

Im sure it doesn't bother Iggy. Just as supporting Bush over the war and torture did not seem to be against his ethics.

Alison said...

Scout : The clip is one you'll know already anyway - how the fake Rethuglican 'grassroots' Dockers rebellion in 2000 shut down the election count in Florida, discounted 10,000 votes, and threw the election to Bush.
I don't think there's any doubt RFI is a hoax - the issue is whether it is taken up seriously now.

And seeing as Scout brings up parades ;-)... A few years ago a few of us on Bowen decided to mock the Citizen of the Year category in our annual parade by running a Dog of the Year float right behind it. Dog in convertible with dames and a trashy trophy and we threw dog biscuits at the crowd. Hardy har har - except for the people who took it seriously and kept asking us if their dog could be the next Dog of the Year. The following year it became a legit new parade category underwritten by a local business and has been a mainstay ever since.
Last week a columnist in our local paper rewrote its history to expunge its origins as a hoax.
Dog of the Year, President of the United States, whatever...

West End Bob said...

Dog of the Year, President of the United States, whatever...

That fairly well says it all, doesn't it ? ? ? ?

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