Monday, August 16, 2010

Apparently we the public are annoying to Steve now

“They don’t bother us. It’s just that they are annoying,”
a "senior Conservative official" told the G&M's Dear Jane this morning about the public's uproar in reaction to the Cons' scrapping of the compulsory long-form census.
"Census freedom," this same anonymous Conbot amusingly called it.

Apparently we the public are "annoying" to Steve now.

And not just the Lib/NDP/Green/I-don't-fucking-vote-for-any-of-those-bastards public either.
Not even Con voters support Steve's "Après moi, le déluge" style of government.

According to Angus Reid, only 31% of people who voted Con last time "side with the government's argument that the long form census is intrusive", while 53% of previous Con voters "believe that the long form census yields data that is important to make policy decisions in all areas of public service, and should remain mandatory."

Jane's column header today is Clement digs in heels and gains a supporter on census
The "supporter" turns out to be a rightwing radiohead.
Ok ... that's one.
I dunno, Jane, I don't think you're helping here.
Over the weekend Feschuk took the piss out of Jane's many columns consisting almost entirely of quotes from anonymous "seniory super-inside long-time party whatever" Con sources. Lols.
For a decent column on the census containing actual, you know, facts : the incomparable Zerb.


Anonymous said...

New Angus Reid poll today shows Con supporters finally getting the message from head office - 57% of people who voted Con last time now support scrapping the census.
Still, not exactly rollicking support from the Con base, is it?


Kev said...

It seems to me that the Conservatives just aren't interested in governing anymore. They appear burned out,perhaps because scheming and lying take up vast amounts of energy. Besides it is difficult to keep ones spirits up, when you no longer believe that your goal of a majority will ever happen.

Holly Stick said...

Apparently God favours the census, according to (gag!) Lorna Dueck.

Beijing York said...

Damn, pesky voters. Always the fly in the ointment for Stevie the Vindictive.

Alison said...

Holly :
He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He's not too good at counting though
So a census you must take.

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