Saturday, August 07, 2010

Colombia's Uribe - a "Light unto the Nations"

Colombian ex-Pres Alvaro Uribe has been appointed Vice Chair to the U.N.’s four-member international committee investigating the Israeli commando attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in which nine people were killed in international waters. The other three members are an Israeli, a Turk, and a former president of New Zealand.

Interesting choice. Colombia is the US cats paw in South America in the same way Israel is in the Mid East.

On the plus side : Uribe has lots of previous experience with false positives , the practice of murdering innocents and then dressing them up as enemies of the state for a US bounty, and he has good familiarity with Israeli military equipment, commandos and espionage techniques.

On the minus side : May need time off to defend himself at the International Criminal Court over those same "false positives", along with his presidential successor Santos, who was Minister of Defense at the time of the murders.

In 2007, the American Jewish Committee presented Uribe with its “Light unto the Nations” Award: “President Uribe is a staunch ally of the United States, a good friend of Israel and the Jewish people…,” said AJC President E. Robert Goodkind, who presented the award at AJC’s Annual Dinner, held at the National Building Museum in Washington.”

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