Saturday, August 28, 2010

Superclass : Governing without the shackles of government bureaucracy

A pretty frank discussion on how globalization has facilitated the revolving door between governments, think tanks, the military, arms manufacturers, media conglomerates, lobby groups, and international financial institutions and corporations to build transnational networks. Good guest spots by Christopher Hitchens.

The top 1% of the world's richest own 40% of the planet's global wealth and the top 10% control 85% of its wealth. The top 10 corporations generate 60% of the revenues and employ 59% of the workforce overseas.

One of the panelists is David Rothkopf, Bill Clinton's Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce and former managing director of Kissinger Associates. He is quoted here noting that since Kissinger was National Security Advisor at the White House under Nixon, every national security advisor since then has worked directly or indirectly for Henry Kissinger. On international corps :

"Built to be global, they've influenced the global system and the setting of the rules to assist them in their globalization, whereas countries are like dogs that have those invisible barriers around the yard, you know, they can't get out."

ETA : Notable that all four panellists, two of whom qualify as revolving door insiders themselves, treat the notion of shadow elites as a given, not as some conspiracy theory.



deBeauxOs said...

Yup. And Stevie Spiteful wants himself a piece of that action. He's going to deliver Canada's raw resources and his reward will be appointments to the boards of multinational corporations.

But not all of his destructive tactics are guided by corporate imperatives. Some of that stuff is fed by the need for personal vindication.

Kim said...

Add Gordon Campbell to the list, and Peter Mansbridge.

Dark Daughta said...

I found them quite arrogant. They speak of these things as givens after years of lefties saying the exact same things and being defined as conspiracy theorists. I don't find their discussion frank so much as it shows how confident they are and the people they speak are of this way of being as something that is now so entrenched all over the planet, that it can be discussed in the most casual of tones. They're aren't worried. They aren't horrified. They're comfortable. But thanks for posting this. I posted it on my blog. I'll go back and point out that I found it here.

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