Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tamils! Terrorists! Tuberculosis!

Boris has already eviscerated Public Safety Minister Vic Toews performance on CBC, with a link to a good post by EFL also, but I was more appalled by the choice of questions CBC put to him.

490 out of the 80,000 Tamils languishing in camps in Sri Lanka made it to Canada after three months at sea and here are the questions Rosemary Barton put to Toews, after an initial mention of possible terrorism :
Australia managed to turn back this boat, and in our case we weren't able to turn back this vessel. Why can't we not do that?
Shouldn't we be able to turn back ships before they get into Canadian waters?
Are you not concerned that by welcoming this vessel ... possible terrorists ... into Canadian waters, you are sending the wrong message to deter criminals?
How confident are you that your intelligence on the people on this boat is accurate? What about these people jumping the queue?
Again, why not just keep the boats out of Canadian waters?
So, Barton, were you attempting to trap Toews into hyperbole here or was this an example of The House Organ for Bigots, Racists, and Xenophobes?
Up to 30,000 refugees are processed in Canada every year but by all means let's take this opportunity to go fucking apeshit about 490 Tamils arriving "illegally".

P.S. No tuberculosis says BC Health Authority.



West End Bob said...

Is harperco not playin' this situation for all it's worth to get the bigot votes, or what?!? toews has not been a particular favourite of mine since his evangelical background was detailed in "The Armageddon Factor" but this is way too much. (One of my co-workers of Sri Lankan ancestry refers to him as "two 'Eeewwws'" - very descriptive, eh?)

PS: Is it summer time @ Creekside these days?

Alison said...

Twas brillig but for slithy toews ...

It is summertime @ Creekside, Bob, but also I couldn't get into the damn thing again for the last three days.

West End Bob said...

I couldn't get into the damn thing again for the last three days

The house or the blog ? ? ? ?

Alison said...

Blog ;-)

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